Our Mission

In this world it is our service that goes beyond our lives and allows us to be in the hearts of people even after we cease living. It is service that helps us live even after death. Service to the needy demonstrates magnanimity, humility, kindness, selflessness, sacrifice, and a love for our fellow being. Nobility and benevolence are the words of true greatness. And all who serve the distressed are the truly great contributors to the human society. We believe that what little service one can do, should be done with a heart. Contrary to offering sympathies to someone in pain when we actually do something to help, only then will it carry some meaning. At abhaya foundation, our mission is to help people in need, irrespective of colour, caste, creed, age or gender. Our service is limited not only to orphans, destitutes, sick or the poor. Anyone who has a desperate need can seek our help. abhaya will make every attempt to provide relief in some measure so that the need of the individual is addressed. Our mission extends to several states in India where our services are sought. Whether it is providing clothes, drinking water, blankets, school books, food or medicines, abhaya is here to help; to fund someone’s education, to empower unemployed youth make a meaning of their own lives, and subsequently the society, that is our mission. Our mission is therefore aptly named as ‘H E A R T.’ Through this mission we attempt to contribute in whatever way we can in the areas of:
H – Healthcare
E - Education
A - Awareness
R - Rural Development
T - Transformation