• 04/06/2023:Sunday Thoughts
  • 04/06/2023:Driving Classes started at abhaya Home, Ibrahimpatnam, RR Dist, TS
  • 03/06/2023:Thank you Smt Nirmala, Sakshi News for the time.
  • 03/06/2023:Heartfelt gratitude to Sri Bikshapathy, DG - NAC, Govt of Telangana
  • 03/06/2023:An Interactive Session with IIITians at NAC Campus,Hyd
  • 03/06/2023:Hunt the Summer @West Bengal
  • 01/06/2023:abhaya Empowerment Chariot campaigning in TS Villages
  • 01/06/2023:Congratulations Dear Prasanthi Rao
  • 01/06/2023:Happy Birthday Sagar
  • 31/05/2023:Congratulations abhaya SoulDear Smt&Sri Mohana Gangadhar
  • 31/05/2023:abhaya Empowerment Chariot - Update
  • 29/05/2023:abhaya support to Govt Schools in South India
  • 29/05/2023:abhaya Higher Education Scholarship Program
  • 28/05/2023:Sunday Thoughts
  • 28/05/2023:Thank you abhaya SoulDear Smt & Sri Sundaram