History of abhaya

abhaya Foundation was born out of the deep rooted pain CS Balachandra Sunku, its founder, had felt witnessing the acute suffering and misery of poor souls, when he was just a five year old child. As he grew, so did his resolve to help mitigate the tribulations of the weak and the needy. Balachandra upon graduating with a BSc and LLB later progressed to be a full fledged Company Secretary through the prestigious qualification FCS. Even as an employee he would spend nearly 100% of his after office hours on pursuing service of the needy. He decided that the only way to fulfill his vision of service would be to dedicate his life to social service and remain unmarried, so that no personal relationships or obligations would come his way to disrupt his purpose of life. This led to the inception of abhaya Foundation in 2006 with its first corpus of Rs. 10,000/- from Balachandra himself. Soon he began to network with like minded individuals and corporates who showed inclination to contribute in some way to the cause of abhaya. Gradually abhaya foundation found favour with several socially important individuals such as industrialists, chartered accountants, engineers, doctors, consultants, corporate heads, politicians, bureaucrats and manifold number of employees. Today abhaya foundation is a fully registered NGO, and registered under IT Section 80 G, and also the FCRA with a fully functional bi-annual board of prominent citizens as its trustees. The uncompromising efforts of abhaya have provided solace to thousands of needy individuals and scores of communities. The good work being done by abhaya foundation is continuously appreciated through public donations which strengthens the objectives of the foundation. The generous contributions of compassionate souls, have enabled the foundation build a 16,000 sft complex called ‘abhaya Home of Happiness,’ recently, in a 2 acre land at Ibrahimpatnam, Hyderabad, which can house hundreds of needy folk.