Healthcare in India is one of the most critical areas on which maximum focus must be placed. Thousands of sick people die each day due to lack of access to proper healthcare. We believe that a more specific context of service bears more fruit rather than conduction of regular medical camps. abhaya has been actively involved in personal care to hundreds of individuals with such debilitating conditions such as cancer, cardiac affected, accidental injuries, amputations, organ transplantation such others. abhaya believes that in caring for the only sick or injured bread winner of an affected family, the whole family’s economic scenario is cushioned and protected and goes a long way in improving the family profile. This aspect of healthcare therefore is a specialised area of abhaya
We believe that it is the moral and the social responsibility of each individual to contribute and to help counteract this problem; this is only possible through personal attention and a longer commitment. abhaya volunteers learn that an occasional visit to the sick gives him no great relief. Rather it is the long and personal care of the unfortunate individual that really improves his physical, mental, spiritual and social health, and bring him back to mainstream society. abhaya therefore, continuously and emphatically focuses on this crucial aspect of our mission. Several sick and the suffering are housed in our complex and our volunteers keep taking continuous care of these unfortunate folk.
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